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A few questions you may be thinking about! 

How many photos will I get?

Photos vary by project. We take a lot of photos!  At most weddings  a photographer will take 100-150 images per hour. Then we go through and select the best ones for you. We do not put a number on the amount of images you'll receive, just what tells the story.

How long is the video?

Video length varies based on the amount off footage ( an entire wedding day can be 6-13 hours) so the final video varies. But you do have a say in how long you want the final product to be. An edited video can be between 20 minutes to 90 minutes. You can also get revisions on the edit.

What kind of gear do you use?

Professional 4K  sony cameras, tripods, sliders, gimbals, monopods, lights, wireless lavs, digital recorders, etc

I’m not sure how much coverage time I need.

We can help you figure that out! We love connecting with our clients to get a feel of their wedding day. We talk about the timeline, bridal prep, type of ceremony, reception, different locations, travel times between locations, and first look. Discussing the different parts of your day will help to determine how much coverage you need.

Can I get a free consultation before deciding to sign with your company?

Yes absolutely! Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. You plan it for more than a year, put all the pieces together like a puzzle - venue, dress, food, cake, desserts, floral arrangement, DJ/Band, hair and makeup, invitations, limo....... and the list goes on and on. On your wedding day your photographers and videographers spend more time with you than any other vendor. We start with bridal prep and we are with you until the end of the night, so YES we would prefer to meet you when possible, yes we would like to discuss your wedding.

Part of having the perfect wedding day is to know that you have entrusted the right team to do their jobs without worry. We want to get to know you, as you get to know us.

We shoot in a few different states so sometimes I don't get to meet the client before the wedding day. But there's the option of Skype/FaceTime also. 

A consultation is not required but I like to offer it for anyone who's interested. 

Do you offer Drone coverage? 

Yes we do. Please note that not all venues allow drones.

How long before I receive the final product?

We strive to have your project done in a timely manner. Sometimes we cover up to 4+ weddings per weekend during our busy season, so the delivery time could be a bit longer. We do try to have it completed between 4-10 weeks. 

Can I purchase a package as a gift for someone else? 

Yes! any wedding package or engagement session can be purchased as a gift.

Is a meal required?

No a meal is not required.  However, please inform us if a meal will not be provided. 

Do you have liability  insurance?

Yes we do.

Why does photo/video cost so much?

A wedding day coverage could be 12 hours (or more). Shooting approximately 100 photos per hour or having multiple video cameras to cover ceremony and reception will result in lots of photos and video footage to edit. After the wedding is done, the hours start to add up with the editing. It may seem like a high cost up front just for a day coverage but that cost also includes lots of hours of editing. After you've parted ways with all the other vendors, your photographer/videographer is still working for you, preserving memories that WILL be passed down to other generations.

Are you front and center while doing your job?

 No! There's a reason we buy expensive equipment. Having long lenses and  zooming capabilities enables us to be further away while getting close up on the important parts.  

Do you offer full day coverage?

Yes we do! Although most wedding are usually done in 10 hours, we do offer full day (unlimited) coverage.

How do you work with other vendors?

Because we shoot both video and photography, we are always mindful of the other vendors working alongside us  even if they are not part of our team.  

In fact we've gotten recommendations from other vendors because they love working with us. We realize that it is not our day and we are all there to give our best to the bride and groom.

Your price seems to be lower than other vendors out there?

 I realize that I won't get rich from shooting one wedding, so there's no need for me to charge 4x what I charge just because everyone else is. I feel that the rates I charge will cover the shooting time and editing time. I also realize that some weddings may be on a tighter budget than others.

However, If you think I under-quoted you a price and you want to hire me, you can always add the extra. LOL (Yes I do have a sense of humor)

Have you shot weddings from different cultures?

Yes I've shot weddings from almost every culture. 

Why do you guys seem to bring so much equipment? 

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so having the right equipment will get the job done right. BUT there's also the backup equipment! If someone accidentally knocks a camera on the dance floor, or mechanical failure, guess what! back up equipment is on site. Sometimes shooting a 13 hour day will require more batteries and cards. A dark dance floor may require more flashes or lights for video. Record audio from a band vs a DJ will require an extra recorder. It may start to rain and we need a plan B for the outdoor portraits after the ceremony. If all that's left is a low lit area inside, then we break out light Stands and lights so you can still have beautiful portraits. Therefore we bring equipment to be prepared for any situation.


I love my job! There's a reason I do this full-time. It's not a side gig to make extra money.We love connecting with our clients, and ask a lot of questions regarding the wedding day. I do care and I want you to know that I do care.

We stand out from the national companies because you know who will be shooting  your wedding. We even provide a questionnaire and a list of reminders/pointers so the day goes smoothly. 

True Light Pros was established for the very purpose of creating and preserving memories!

I am blessed with the opportunity of creating and preserving yours!

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