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Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and your wedding album and video will be cherished for years to come. True Light Photo and Video will work with you so you can relax and enjoy your special day. The success of a smooth day all comes down to the planning.

We can be with you throughout your entire wedding day to document everything, from bridal preparations to the ceremony and reception. We’ll capture images and video of the happy couple, your family and friends, the venue, the cake, the decor and of course, the celebration. We want to make sure you remember every detail about your wedding day, both big and small. 

If you’re planning a large wedding with hundreds of guests, don’t worry. We can arrange a team of photographers and videographers so you won’t have to worry about us missing a thing. We can even travel to multiple locations to take photos and videos of the prep, ceremony, portraits of the wedding party, and reception, .

We’ll ask questions about your special day to make sure we know exactly what you’re planning and understand what’s most important to you. The team at True Light photo and video enjoy the challenge and excitement of memorializing every detail of what is the most important day in many of our clients’ lives. View wedding gallery here

Celebrating an anniversary is an opportunity to reminisce about the joys and highlights of your years together and to reflect on how much you have grown as a couple and as a family. True Light is dedicated to preserving memories from your anniversary celebration with photo and video.

If you’re planning to throw an anniversary party for your parents, grandparents, or another couple you love, we can be there ready to capture the looks of surprise and delight on their faces when they arrive at the celebration and find themselves surrounded by family and friends.

We’d be happy to create a photo or video montage showcasing joyous occasions during the couple’s marriage to share with them and with guests at the anniversary party. We can even create a professionally edited DVD including chapters and interviews with loved ones. We’re committed to going above and beyond to make the occasion memorable.



For many families of Latin American heritage, a quinceanera is an important celebration marking a daughter’s fifteenth birthday and symbolizing her transition to adulthood. The tradition was brought to the United States, with different cultures maintaining their unique versions of the event.

True Light Photo and video recognizes that this is a pivotal milestone for girls and their families. Whether you want to have a simple and traditional quinceanera or you plan to host an elaborate party and invite extended family and friends, we can assign a photographer videographer, or a team, to capture it all. 

We’ll be there to record the preparations, the venue, and the dresses, as well as every aspect of the festivities, including the food, music, dancing, and unique regional traditions. A videographer can also interview family and friends so they can send their congratulations and well wishes to the young woman being celebrated.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

For young people raised in the Jewish faith, the bar or bat mitzvah is a momentous occasion. It marks the point when an adolescent becomes recognized as a full-fledged member of the Jewish community and accepts the privileges and responsibilities that come along with that. A bar or bat mitzvah party is an opportunity for family and friends to recognize the young person’s transition.

Whether you’re planning to host a large celebration or keep things simple and low-key, True Light can be there to capture every detail. We’ll take photos and video of the religious ceremony, meal, games, and party so members of your family and community will be able to look back and remember the important day years later. If you’d like, we can also record video of loved ones offering their congratulations to the young person being honored.

Corporate Events

Your employees are the key to your company’s success. If you’re planning to host an event to recognize their contributions and accomplishments, True Light can be there to capture every detail.

A holiday celebration or awards dinner is an opportunity to thank your employees for their dedication and hard work throughout the year and to recognize the achievements of exceptional individuals. True Light Pros can take photos and record video of the party, including the venue, decorations, and festivities, as well as an awards ceremony honoring outstanding employees. 

If you’re planning to host an event to launch a new product or to tout your company’s accomplishments, you will want to document it so you can share the news online. True Light Photo and Video can capture high-quality photos and video that will highlight your company’s innovation and professionalism and capture the attention of the media and potential customers.


At True Light Photo and Video, we understand how important celebrations are for you and your family. If you’re planning a party to mark a birthday, holiday, or another occasion, we want to be there to capture every minute of the festivities so your family can remember the occasion forever.

A birthday is a momentous occasion, whether it’s a toddler’s first, a grandparent’s 100th, or any in between. Each birthday is unique, representing a different stage in a person’s life. We’ll be right there when the person being honored opens gifts from loved ones and blows out the candles on the cake. We’ll also record your family and friends as they show off their skills dancing to music played by a band or DJ.

For many people, holidays are the most joyous times of the year, occasions to gather and celebrate with family and friends. If you’re planning to throw a party for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, or another holiday, you obviously want it to be special, and you want to remember every detail. Whether you’re planning an intimate celebration or a boisterous bash to welcome the start of a new year, we can record all the excitement, fun, and splendor of the holiday. 

At True Light, we know how important parties are to you, and we’re dedicated to providing high-quality images and video that you can cherish for a lifetime. We’ll document everything, from the festive décor  to the food, clothing, and dancing. Whether your celebration will be held indoors, outdoors, or both, we’re prepared to record it all.


If you want to break into the field of modeling or acting, you need an eye-catching portfolio with photos highlighting your best features and unique personality. With a portfolio featuring a series of professional images, you can make a great first impression and get your foot in the door. 

True Light Photo and Video can take a series of photos that will be sure to get you noticed. The type of modeling assignments or acting roles you’re hoping to get will determine the types of images you should include in your portfolio. We can take photos of you in a variety of locations, wardrobes, and poses to showcase your versatility and provide you with a series of high-quality images that will be sure to attract attention and help you jumpstart your career.

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